Would You Pay to Have Clean Window Blinds?

In large offices or businesses, there are maids that can handle everything, even the window blinds and window washing chores on the inside. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a maid service in our homes. The sad part is, there are people who hate the idea of cleaning windows and blinds enough that they will hire someone else to do it for them, even though, most people consider window cleaning as a simple chore to deal with. Would you be willing to pay to have clean window blinds? If your answer is yes, you may want to think long and hard about the option to take care of it yourself.

A window washer that will take care of window blind cleaning as well are very few and far between. It seems that most people hate washing blinds as much as you do. Therefore, when you find someone who is willing to do it and have the proper paperwork to ensure that they will clean your blinds without damaging anything in your home, it will cost you. These people often choose based on the amount of dirt that your blinds may have on them, how many window blinds you have, the cleaning products that they require, the size of your blinds, and various other factors. A lot of cleaning services will also charge you if they must come to your home to clean them. Since most people do not want to take down their blinds, this is a profitable idea for the cleaners. All total, for just a few windows, you could end up spending well over $100 if they are small and they are not very gross looking.

With that in mind, you could purchase your own window cleaning supplies for a few dollars. You could supplement bleach and other harsh cleaners for vinegar. From there, all you would need is a tub of water and your preferred cleaning supplies. You can soak blinds in vinegar for just an hour of your time and rinse them off and they will be nearly as white as the day you purchased them. These cleaning options also work on blinds that are different colors than white.

Cleaning your own blinds does not have to be as much of a hassle as most people feel that it is. You just have to take them down and let them soak, rinse, and rehang. Which do you really think is the best, most economical, way to go?


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