An Easy Bleach Free Window Blind Cleaning Option

When it comes time to clean house, do you really consider the dust that has attached itself to your window blinds? Most of us simply wait to think about our window blinds until they are really dirty. This can increase the allergens in your home. However, white window blinds that are extremely dirty often require bleach and this is not good either. There are many people who do not enjoy the smell of bleach because it can make it hard to smell things right after using it. Would you mind cleaning if you knew an easy bleach free window blind cleaning option?

If you are a non-smoker and your home just collects a little bit of dust over a year’s time, you are very lucky. You may be able to get away with a light cleaning using either a feather duster or your favorite spray on cleaner. With a feather duster, you simply wipe at each slat and clean both sides of the blind at one time. It is very easy. If you have a moderate amount of dust, you will have to use a cleaner and a sponge. Some people also prefer to have on gloves, which may hold dust a little better, especially in those tight areas near the pull cords.

Smokers and those of who have a lot of dust in their homes, perhaps because of a dirt road or a lot of kids running in and out all day, you will have to work the hardest, unless you obsess over clean blinds. In the past, this meant putting your blinds outdoors and spraying them down with bleach and your garden hose. Others may have put bleach in their tub and washed both the tub and blinds at the same time. It would stink for a little while, but for anyone who wanted white blinds over dingy yellowed blinds, it was what we needed to do.

Instead of bleaching your blinds white, you can use a milder option. Vinegar has been used in cleaning out coffee pots and other things for many years, but very few people think about using it on blinds. You simply have to run a couple inches of water to your bathtub and pour in some vinegar. Add in the blinds and let them sit for approximately an hour. At the end of an hour, you should be able to lift the blind out of the vinegar and rinse off all the dirt that has accumulated on them. Isn’t that a better way to handle dirty blinds?


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